Monday, May 14, 2012

Ups and Downs

This weekend found us at Casa De Fruita (30 minutes from home) for the dogwood trees pollen festival.  Every year we go to this AKC show and the dogwood is blooming and shedding it's little seeds that resemble snow.  Nothing like 85-90 degrees in the sun and dogwood blossoms reining down on you and getting in everything.  I don't think I've heard so many people sneezing in one place.

I took both Tazz and Fin because it is so close.  I am starting Tazzie over in Preferred for AKC and they require that you start your dog over in Novice.  Tazzie loves him some Novice courses.  3 for 3 for the weekend.

Fin had a great time too.  A jumpers and Fast on Saturday but no Standard.  My fault of course.

Sunday we missed some runs because my poor little Maddie fell off the bed.  We went from totally traumatized thinking she was paralyzed to relieved that she will have a hitch in her giddyup for a while.  crate rest and monitoring.  She is already pissed that she can't walk the couple steps from the deck to the yard.  Not a fan of the mom carrying her.  Tooooo bad.  After the emergency vet visit, I had time to go down and pack up my canopy and stuff and got in a couple runs on Sunday while Kel watched Maddie....well ok, he watched TV and Maddie sat in his lap.  He is a good baby sitter :)

All in all a fun weekend with friends.  Now, NO MORE DOG EMERGENCIES.  We've had too many in our little group.  Enough is enough.  Bubble wrap for everyone!


Diana said...

Im glad Maddie is ok. That was scary.

Kelly Ely said...

Love the video, both having fun in the sun! It is all 'green' here on the East coast also. Green pollen on and in everything!! Glad to hear everything worked out ok with the emergency. Have a great week.

Elf said...

Bubblewrap would be good! Dang dogs, it's always something. Glad Maddie will be OK. Congrats on the novice fun runs. Nice to do that sometimes.

Kathy said...

Poor Maddie glad she is OK, but hey, maybe we could all go in on a pallet of bubble wrap, we could make it our mission to wrap all our doggies ;-), sort of over the whole emergency vet thing and the rehab thing and the worry thing!!! I think I could do without more of that, hahahah.