Monday, May 7, 2012

What did I learn this weekend?

I learned (or was reminded):
  • Don't put Alieve in your pocket with your dogs treats.  Sending all my best to my friend and her dog.
  • When your dog gets a serious bang during a run and comes up three legged, don't call for your friend, call for a vet.  Hugs to the "moms" and their big man.  Glad he is feeling spry this morning.
  • When you say, "It's a pot luck, I'm not organizing lunch." You get lucky if it all goes together.  And, it did.
  • When your dog gets the sand Zoomies, just let her go and have fun.
  • When you let your dog run their contacts and don't stick to criteria, you get a dog that doesn't stop for nothing, no one, not even me when I'm 20 feet behind.  Sorta works in some gambles, but not really great in Standard or Grand Prix.  I'm working those contacts in agility this week and next weekend she and I are having some serious discussions about criteria at Agility competitions.
  • When you actually stay on course you get a Q in Snooker!
  • You can drop 3 bars and still Qualify in Steeplechase (who would of thunk it?)
  • You can drop 1 bar and still get first place (when you are the only dog in the class).  Fin is bringing home the bacon!!!
  • You can really enjoy an agility trial even when you do not perform as you would like.
  • There is always another weekend.
  • Setup and tear down is much more fun with friends


Elf said...

Amen to everything. Qing and winning even with faults--as Tania said this weekend after Boss made several loops around the field before finally doing the weaves--and still being several seconds under time for a Q--"Never give up!"

Kathy said...

sounds like a most excellent weekend all in all,