Monday, March 8, 2010

Dixon in the Winter

It is winter right? This weekend found us stripping off our layers and mostly running in our T'Shirts. I felt like we needed stripper music all weekend as woman of all ages (and a few guys) kept tak'n it off.

I ran total of 8 runs and Q'd once. Fin's first time in Excellent Jumpers. In some ways it was a gift by the judge as she stopped at the last jump because I got behind. But I'll take it!

The jumpers run on Saturday was a series of loops then turns back on themselves. I was late with my FC before the weaves, but I felt that after the weaves we had a nice groove going. The ending I had to wait for her as she went wide and found myself behind a jump because her line would have taken her past the final jump (something else to work on :) ). It was fun to run and she looks like she is having a blast.

On the standard the same day. I called real hard after the collapsed tunnel (thinking was was going wide), instead she came right to my side and past the jump. Otherwise a fun and exciting run.

All in all a fun weekend. I wish Sunday I had more success, but it was not meant to be.


Anonymous said...

Aw, my heart is breaking for you on that standard run! That was such a great run, and certainly looked like lots of fun! I got lost following you on the JWW course! Kudos on your success on that one, it looked like a never-ending amazing maze of loopdyloop jumping! Yowza!

Trish said...

I was cheering for you as I wantched the video. My coworkers now think I'm a bit wacky