Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Subject For Today is...

...Blogger isn't work'in to good.

I've got this great post on my remodel. Doing a bathroom. Friend is here, acting like a contractor, working his buns off, not charging me near enough, tearing it out, and rebuilding. I've got some good pictures to show before and during. Once it is done will to an after.

But alas, can't post photos. Blogger is erring out.

I'm at a loss. I guess I'll have to use words.

I had a 1970's style bathroom with linoleum flooring and solid service plastic counters. A wall separated the bath (held plumbing) and toilet and made the bathroom dark. It is a small space. Totally functional. Just wanted to clean it up, get rid of the tub, move the plumbing so we could take out the wall. I wanted a new smaller cabinet to make the space feel larger.

Long story short. Every step of the way we have encountered issues. Water damage, mouse damage, bad construction. What should have taken 3 weeks will probably take more like 4-5. At this point all of the "bad" things that could go wrong have been fixed! Yippiiee. Now it is just the "construction" part.

Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as the blogsters fix it.

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Trish said...

Theres always face book for the pics!