Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photos of the Project

We started the remodel about 2 weeks ago. The first day the entire room was gutted. It was spectacular. My husband said, "Wow Vici, this is going fast." I said, "You must realize that the first day there will be a dramatic change, then you will look everyday and say, goodness, haven't you done anything today?" Such is the nature of the beast of remodel.

The before. Picture a room about 8x12. Door opens and you see a dark narrow room. Don'tcha just love the little lace window curtain - was there when I bought the house and I never took it down. It's coming down NOW baby!
The idea is to take the tub out, move the plumbing to the outside wall (lots of insulation). This will allow us to remove the wall between the new shower and toilet allowing light. Also take out the large vanity and replace with a smaller free standing arts n crafts style sink vanity providing the feeling of more space.
Begin the tear out. Find major water damage. Delay the project nearly 5 days to fix damage (extended into another room). Have to rent a jack to hold the 2nd floor up while rebuilding two walls. Fun stuff if you have the stomach for looking at the insides of your house.
Found a pepsi can from the 70's in the wall. Found one outside wall was not insulated (???). Found electrical wires incorrectly wired to a vanity light. I am continually amazed at how badly this house was originally built. Did they not have house inspectors in the late 70's?
Walls are going up. Floor is going down. Ceiling fan going in. I am giggling with the delight of all the newness.
Here is one of the helpers. Very helpful. Comes in to inspect and give opinions. He is of the opinion that we don't need a shower that can also double as a dog washing area.
Today the plan is to add wall texture and build the shower. It is starting to get exciting. At this point, there is nothing else to find wrong. It is now just a matter of building and getting it done.


team small dog said... have someone helping you, right? This is not just Vici and a hammer?

I hope you have another bathroom!! We did almost this same project a couple years ago and it was our only bathroom. We became very close with the neighbors.

vici whisner said...

Actually, since I'm working full time during this project, I have a very well known agility handler over here work'n. I go in and offer my help and opinion, but haven't done much this project.

I'm pretty handy with a hammer, dry wall tool, and tile saw, but really don't have the time to spare what with working, training dogs, exercising dogs, and just enjoying someone else to the work for once.

And yes. We have another bath room. One I remodeled a couple years ago and is bright and shiny.

Trish said...

Looks great! Can't wait to use the new shower!!!

Anonymous said...

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