Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm MAD!!!!

Had a fun weekend in southern California. Rained pretty hard on Sat, but Friday and Sunday were beautiful
The little red one is Fireball. He is the new addition to my friends agility family. He is partly mine cause I am the auntie. I get to babysit. Fireball got to play with his sister Smart. I got puppy therapy. Just so much fun. I spent a good amount of time just hanging out in the canopy watching Fireball play with Smart and his brother Motion.
Fin got a couple titles. She is now HiMarks Holy Mackerel! MAD, RM, OA, OAJ. I am really thrilled to be Fin's mom and handler. We don't always Q, but every run is an exciting ride.
She is simply fun and there is no better therapy than just getting out there and running with my dogs.
No pics of Tazzie, but he also had a great weekend. He was so happy the entire time and ran about as fast as I've ever seen him run.
A nice end to a week that was difficult to say the least.


Elf said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Getting a MAD feels great. Love the photo of you separating the little crazies who are still screaming "let me at him!"

Trish said...

Great shots. She's got so much hair in those pics