Monday, November 1, 2010

3 Days, 24 hours, six sessions, 11 working teams, Hawaiians, Koreans, and puppy crack

Fin and Vici went on an adventure.  We attended the powerpaws winter 3 day camp.  Six rings, Six fabulous presenters, six essentials topics, and a total of 64 campers.  Overall, the camp was extremely well run.  We were put in groups based on our application and the groups moved from ring to ring visiting every presenter over the weekend.  

Fin had her own little RV.  Since we had to move six times during the weekend, I tried to pack light (I failed).  Laura loaned me her fabulous wheels and it made it really easy to be mobile.  Fin learned right away where her "space" was and although her space moved from place to place, it helped make her feel secure. 
 Having the mobile shade/rain protection really helped.  Donna brought everyone in my group "puppy crack."  It was a liver based dog treat that helped all the dogs be a little bit more motivated by the end of the weekend.  Fin was especially motivated by the puppy crack.  So motivated she nearly took off a couple fingers in her enthusiasm.

JJ was one of the little 12" shelties in my group.  JJ is pretty special and came all the way from Hawaii.   JJ was not layed back with Hawaiian attitude.  JJ was extremely competitive and Les had to really run to keep up.
 I was amazed at how much we got done.  I have so many notes, it will take a while to document everything.  I have so much to work on, but also felt that we did really well.
A tired dog, is a good dog.  The best news is that Fin held up throughout the entire 3 days.  We worked HARD!  It was not much sitting around.  It was, walk a drill, run the drill, analyze, walk another drill, run another drill, analyze.  Fun, fun, fun!


Elf said...

PPC has been a great help to me, and they've had plenty of experience to get the whole process right. Glad you and Fin liked it.

Trish said...

You sounded so happy!!!