Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to Basics Tues

After a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family, I left Morgan Hill for a 5.5 hour drive to LA to attend the Happy Dog USDAA.  I made it in time for the Steeplechase and ran Fin.  "Q!"  It wasn't pretty.  I was stiff from the long drive, and Fin was wild from sleeping in her crate.  I was thrilled we could sorta keep it together and Fin was a wonder finding the correct obstacle even though I wasn't always in the correct position.

Sat. found us back at the field, somewhat tired from lack of sleep, but determined.

I must now say...the Gamble is not my strength. I'm all about the Snooker...not the gamble.  Certainly I have work to do in this area.  Neither Tazz nor Fin got the gamble, but it was fun running.  I love to make up my own course.

Standard was a brilliant run and Fin was amazing.  Tough tunnel/dogwalk discrimination was nothing for her.  Tazz had a good time, but missed a contact.

I decided to drive home after GP.  I was tired.  Fin had run 3 runs and GP would be her 4th.  My own bed was calling to me.  We tried, but an off course resulted in a fun run but no banana.

This week I"m working on the basics in the back yard.  I'll be setting up grids today for grid work...then changing to boxwork.  Next week I'm going to work on discrimination exercises as well as the Gamble.  

This weekend UKI!

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Elf said...

Yeah, that turn from 4 to 5! So many people have trouble grasping that, although looking at 4 and 5 alone looks like a straight line, that's not the path the the dog is traveling.

I'm not clear on your FC/RC drawings--they look exactly the same except that one is labeled FC.