Monday, November 15, 2010

Our First Trial Back Since the Incident with the Broken Toe

I have this weird personality trait.  I'm ever hopeful, yet, have low confidence at times.  Looking back at this weekend, I can see that I was silly to worry.  It is about having fun...and fun was had.

I took both Tazz and Fin.  I didn't expect much for many reasons:
  • loss of fitness on my part
  • out of practice trialing
  • worry about injury
  • etc.
I will say that we had moments of glorious symmetry.  Not many Q's, but wowza, we had some great runs.

Tazzi was a star:  Six runs, 4 Q's!  He really tried hard and it showed.  He is rock'n the performance 12" with his buddies.
Fin was a star:  Snooker Super Q!...well ok those 12 inchers kicked our butt, but we got first place in 16"!  All her other runs were close, close, close! 

The video above is her jumpers run from Sunday.  Even though I excelled when I should have decelled/serped causing Fin to fly by the 18th jump, the rest of the run is mighty pretty and will worth sharing.

I'm not saying that all runs were perfect examples of a working partnership, but I will say that we had moments of brilliance followed by moments of disconnect. 

But, it will only get better from here (that's my hopeful side coming out).

Let's end with a little Tazzie:


Patti and DeBoys said...

Like you said...FUN is the Key...and boy did it look like you were having fun. Keep having fun and good things will happen.

Elf said...

You and your dogs looked good this weekend! Nice start on that jumpers course--that beginning ate up a lot of teams, but noooo, you had to be different and have some fun at the end! :-)

Trish said...

I think you think too much, worry too much. I think you should just relax and have fun. Oh and don't fall.... Falling is bad

Cynthia said...

Yup fun is the most important thing. Though a Q now and then is nice. :) Nice runs!