Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The day Fin turned green....and it wasn't St. Paddy's day...

There was a three day AKC driving distance to home.  I'm thinking, this is a great opportunity to get out of excellent A and maybe start my FAST career. First day, nice runs, Fast Q, but Standard and Jumpers were not to be. 

Got home, normal evening, up the next morning and ready to do it all again.  Fin was happy and jumped in the van ready to go.  Got to the site, carried stuff to our camp site,  and looked at course maps.  I felt that the courses were something that Fin and I could do.  Got back to let Fin out of the crate and she didn't want to get out.  Just sat looking at me.  Finally got her out and she didn't want to jump out of the van.  I picked her up and what should have taken about 5 minutes, took 15 to get to the campsite as she was walking so slow.  Long story short, Fin had the worst upset stomach.  Fortunately a vet on site took her temp and said, let it work out of her system.  A friend brought me Chicken, cottage cheese and rice.  Fin did eat some, but mostly she just slept.  Didn't want to walk, didn't want to sit out and watch, just wanted to crawl into her crate and sleep.  Poor thing.  Sat.  no agility for Fin.

Sunday morning, she was back to biting my ankles as I walked down the hall.  Jumped in the van like nothing had been wrong, and ran like a champ.  Standard was very pretty and I will say handled pretty darn well by me.  One bar...that was all.  Jumpers...oh well, maybe next time.  And finished the day with a Q in Fast.

Everyone who stopped by to see how Fin was stated, "she must be feeling better, she never stops barking!"  Tis true, tis true.  She wanted to run, run, run. 

Today I'm grateful for tummy aches that are not serious and only last 1 day.  Fin had me worried.  Laura says I worry too much.


Diana said...

Very nice run!! Im glad Fin is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Fin looked great. Way to come back strong after being down on Saturday.


Celeste said...

Awwww...for Fin. Glad she recovered so nicely. :-)