Thursday, May 12, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe

Darn Rats.  I have nothing against them if they would just stay out of my personal space.  Outside rats, outside.  Inside BAD!  I have used steal wool to block up holes to get rid of them.  They seem to think my steel wool is for sissies.
The Rats living here are well trained extreme rats.  Nothing seems to stop them.  I did put poison in the crawl space under the house.  I hated doing it.  The blue blocks of death have all been taken elsewhere.  Gone from under the house.  I guess the rats did not find them to fit into the decorating scheme.
Evidently, I am able to support an entire ecosystem as the lovely Barn Owls have moved in.  I actually LOVE that the barn owls are living in my trees.  Maybe that is why my lawn is looking so much better.  No gophers.  Hey Mr and Mrs Barn Owl...could you work on the rats now?
Robert showed up today.  He is all business.  He searched high and low and found multiple access points. He shows me the access points and I'm like...why didn't I see that?  But obviously he has been working with stealth rats for a while.  His opinion, I have a few rats.  Not alot.  Actually quite a small population (thank you mr and mrs owl..).  But for a small bucket of $$ he will plug up all access AND guarantee no critters under, over, or in my house....dogs excluded of course.


Kathy said...

Rats, and it seems like they are taunting and teasing when you find their messes and hear them scurring around, hope you make the buggers move on soon!

Elf said...

Good luck! So far my house is rat free this year, I think. The rat guy seems to have finally found and blocked all the access points. BTW, those poison blocks have holes through them so you can wire them in place. Just a wire looped through them and then to a nail or screw or soemthing. Keeps them from wandering off to where things other than rats might get them.

Trish said...

Very nice!

I like the owl pics. Does he do ants too?

Trish said...

Awesome pics of the owls.

Telephoto lens?

Does he do ants too?

Mary said...

You crack me up!