Thursday, May 19, 2011

How can I be so excited about a silly Flip

Sunday my video camera was working.  Last run of the day, not so much.  We thought it might be the video screen, but the video part wasn't working either.  Just a big white blob rather than Fin and I running with excellence around a Novice B Fast course.

So on Monday I decided to buy a new one.  Because Cisco purchased Flip and then decided they didn't want it any more so are shutting it down, I wanted to get one before they no longer are available.  I know I risk not having support, but whatever, I love the Flip cameras.  So I went on line, customized one with a photo of Fin and Tazz, and didn't look back. 

My Flip arrived yesterday.  I love it.  My graphic of Fin and Tazz turned out great!

Oh, and on a side note.  I dropped my video camera on Monday evening while giving it to my husband for a look.  It now works perfectly.  Of course.


Kathy said...

How cool you could customize it with your dogs, that is so neat! Well, sounds like now you have two video cameras, I have used two to get two different views of the same thing occassionally while training, LOL, not often but ....

Diana said...

Your flip is way to cool looking!!

Celeste said...

What a great-looking new camera!
I like the idea of using both cameras at the same time.
Different views sure are great when watching a baseball game on TV, especially if you have to figure out who to yell at - the umpire or the player.

Elf said...

I love this method of fixing things that don't work. The hard part is knowing when it's appropriate to apply this method. Love your new flip!

Cynthia said...

That looks really cool!