Friday, May 20, 2011

The day we ended up with feathers in our hair...

So I have these friends.  They are always asking me to do fun things with them.  Most times I can't get my butt in gear that late of night or I have other plans.  Well....

So on Thurs May 19.  I couldn't find an excuse and out I went with them.  Ahhh the jokes, "let's pretend it is 6pm instead of 8pm".  I could feel the love.  First stop, liquid courage at Leigh and Penni's house.  I didn't partake as I was driving.

Next stop to the hair salon in Campbell.  At this point I must pause to let everyone know that I thought putting feathers in my hair a little bit of a weird thing to do.  Sure, Steven Tyler has them in his hair, but he has an entire hair team.  I don't have a team...I barely have any hair.  But being a good sport and having such great friends I'm going along with the adventure.  Now that I'm up the next day, I am a true feather fan.

At the salon we began by picking out feathers.  I'm a purple and green kinda girl but I was worried that maybe that might be too much.  My buddies helped and we took our time and found the perfect three feathers for me.  Why I took so long and everyone else seemed to find theirs right away, don't know why...but I am thrilled with my colors.  Very me.
All my favorite colors, yellow green, purple, and teal.

Once we all had our feathers, off to dinner we went.  The evening couldn't have been better.  I think all my friends are going to be jealous when they see my feathers.   I may not be able to wear hats for agility any more as it will hide my feathers! My sister and her girlfriend are so totally gonna want them.

I did hear a rumor that the poor fly fishermen can't get feathers for their fishing lures cause all the feathers are in women's hair.  Ahh well.

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