Monday, June 17, 2013

A Couple Steps Closer

A world wind trip brought us a little closer to the National competition in October.  My buddy Laura and I drove to Utah on Friday to compete Sat/Sun in order to bring home a bye or two.  A dropped bar in Steeple and that was that.  Speedy little 12" performance dogs kicked ass this weekend.  Fin and I had the best competition with people coming from all points north and south. 

One of the areas I want to improve on is my mental game.  I tend to make mistakes at these big competitions.  Whether I don't walk with the right mind set or I loose my concentration, I often don't bring home the bacon.

For Grand Prix, it was the last class I would be running in Utah. I hadn't really done my best up to this point. The competition was deadly.  Competitors were hanging out watching. Then all of a sudden off we went and I ran the exact course I walked.  Fin read every cue and responded.  Awesome feeling.  GP Bye...done. 

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Diana said...

Well done!!! Awesome!