Sunday, June 9, 2013

Conquering Fears

Being a bit of a bad ass, Olive surprised me by being afraid of floating on the water.  Perhaps I found out why she doesn't want to get far out there.  Olives don't float.  I did not know this until today.

Playing on the boogie board, I was getting her comfortable enough to catch the ball and give the mama kisses.  But when we moved close to the side so she could step to the edge, she took a flying leap.  She hit the water instead and promptly sunk.  No one was more shocked then me.

I grabbed her, got her immediately to the surface, and helped her swim to the steps.  I guess Olive is all muscle and no fat to help her float.

All my shelties have had great buoyancy.  This is the first dog that I've ever seen that couldn't stay on the surface for at least a short time.

Tomorrow we are getting her a life vest. 

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Diana said...

I think we all just think dogs naturally know how to swim, but that's not true. Some dogs need to be taught. My one sheltie always let's his rear sink and then starts slapping his front feet on the water . So every season I have
to help him by holding his rear up by his tail. After a while he gets it.