Monday, June 24, 2013

Today is my Birthday!!!! says the one and only Tazz...

Today is Tazzies day.  He is NINE!  I can not believe it.
A most beautiful dog.  Tazzie can be the most loving creature you've ever seen.

He loves humans.  All humans.  Humans that are in his house are considered his.  He will give you the best lovies of all my dogs.

He has the sweetest expressions.  Then as well as now he can look at me and my heart swells.

Tazzie did agility and taught me so much about dog training.  I wouldn't be half the trainer I am today without my little turd.  Love him to pieces.

Tazz is great fun.  He loves to play and will go with me anywhere as I work in the back yard.  He likes to swim with me, dig with me, pick up poop with me, all things with me (notice I'm not mentioning the other dogs).  Tazz is my little napoleon.  It's all about him.  Laura Hartwick captured him perfectly when she made his little cartoon last Christmas.  I sure hope she does it again this year. 

Happy Birthday my little man.   


Diana said...

Happy Birthday Tazz!!

Elf said...

Happy birthday, Tazz, a little belated. (I'm sure he won't have even noticed.)