Thursday, December 11, 2014

No more Decisions

The Dr.s have made the decisions for me.  I was leaning toward not doing anything.  They lean toward radiation.  NOW! 

Good news.  I will be done before February 11. 

Bad news. Side effects...if they happen.  Hopefully with my sunny disposition, those side effects will not impact me.

I continue to be optimistic and look forward to February 11 when all this will be done and I will be in Hawaii.  :)

Then it will be a busy, busy, trial season for me.  Catching up on lost trials and qualifications.  Looking forward to perhaps getting Olive started in April!  Whoo Hoo!

Today I am grateful that I stuck to my healthy eating all week.  I am grateful that I have friends who helped remind me that I must get my walking in.  I am really thankful that the scale reflects the hard work I put in.  Next year... it is going to be a good one!


Diana said...

Positive thoughts heading your way!

Elayne said...

First of all, lots of healing thoughts sent your way. With your positive attitude I'm sure you'll do well with your treatments.

And while I'm sure you've received loads of well meaning advice and I hate to add to the pile I'll nonetheless suggest going to YouTube and searching for Dr. Dominic D'Agostino. He's studied and done some fascinating work with ketogenic diets and cancer. The diet is something you can do along with radiation/chemo. and can potentially help with symptoms as well as enhance the effects of treatment. I have my own interest in the ketogenic diet for potential Alzheimer's/dementia prevention and athletic performance and will probably start my own experiments with it in the next few weeks. Fascinating stuff anyway.

Best wishes and healing thoughts to you.


vici whisner said...

Thanks Elayne, I actually have been doing some searching on that very subject. I'm looking at doing some juicing (veggies and fruits) and keeping the calories down...way down. Thought I'd try it for 10 days and see how I feel. Thanks for your thoughts. I know I'll be great!