Thursday, January 7, 2010

Agility Challenges...

I think this agility challenge thing is a great idea. This one I grabbed off of Susan's comments, came through Team Small Dog via Nancy Gyes. It was one that was small enough to fit in my field (my field isn't that big). Set it up today.
The first step was walking it to ensure I could run it. It took me ALOT of walking to remember it.

Ran it with Fin.

First round results:
-FC at 2 was late and she flew past the weaves, came back entered at 2. Start again.
Second round:
-FC at 2 must have been good as she wrapped around and entered weaves correctly.
-RC 3 to go back to 4. Rear cross too early resulted in a flick away into the tunnel.
tried it again
-RC 3 to go back to 4 - got it. Ran down the weaves sent to 5 nice entry to 6 and promptly forgot were I was going!

Ok, my first challenge ended with me giving her lots of rewards and asking myself why I didn't walk the darn challenge better.

I did run Tazz and it was perfect, but Tazz is a slower guy and stays with me. If I run with him and point he usually gets it right.

This is a fun but frustrating challenge. There are a number of ways to handle it and if your weave entrances are shaky, it will really show in this challenge. Fin, Tazz, and I had alot of fun. We are going to try it again in the morning before I change it for something else.

Thanks to Team Small Dog for being the inspiration for the challenges.


team small dog said...

I am thinking this one might be a FAIL for me. I will be building Susan Garrett's empire even grander with my flurry of $5 bills.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.