Monday, January 11, 2010

Mov'n Day

Sometime between Thanksgiving and last Sunday, a group of homeless bees moved into a bird house on my deck. I'm not opposed to honey bees, I just don't want them living at my house. A gal that lives locally got in touch when I sent out an email asking for help.
She arrived. Doesn't this car look like the bee removal car you'd expect to arrive to help you get rid of a swarm of bees.
Here is the bird house that must be removed. She's like, "Well, I'll have to take your bird house with me. I can bring it back later." I'm like, take it. I don't want it back! No more homes for orphans.

She wore a suit. I was the assistant. I did NOT get a suit. I did explain that if the bees started buzzing around, I would be "GONE!" and she'd be on her own. I think she thought I was kidding. I was not.
I do want to point out that the bee keepers spouse stayed downstairs with the car. I'm thinking he was smarter than either the bee keeper or me.
First thing we did was put cardboard on the front of the bird house to close the hole in the front. I think this was the most dangerous part. I tried to point out that there were also holes on the side, but she said they were all plugged up with wax.
When she put the cardboard on the front and then put the house on the side the sound was a bunch of unhappy bees. OMG my stomach started to hurt when I heard that angry buzzing sound. I was ready to jump into the house if I saw one bee. Notice the bee keeper wore no gloves. Hmmmmm.
Took a few minutes to tape it up and then the entire bird house was put into the box and then my job was taping. I started to tape and she's like, we don't need that much tape. My response was to put more tape on the box. We had to walk through my house to get to the front door. I was NOT going to set any bees in my house.
The box went into the bee mobile in a special bee area and I said good bye. The bees will go to her ranch and live on 100 acres of land with Ostriches, horses, cows, and other bees.
Before she left we both looked up and there were a bunch of bees flying around looking for the bird house. I guess "no man left behind" doesn't apply to bee keepers. The bee keeper said to get rid of the other bird houses as the bees would be looking for a place to bivouac. She said they will go away (I didn't want to ask whether they would live or not...just didn't want to know).
I felt pretty bad for the 20-30 bees buzzing around. Of course I had to go up and risk my life by taking some pictures. I did use the zoom so the photos are not that good. I value my life more than getting good photos.
Hopefully the bee saga is over. Really don't want a bunch of honey bees making their home in my home. I value bees and want them around, just not living with me. Sorta like my relatives.


Trish said...

You know.... the bees may have kept the relatives away.. But now they are gone.....

Elf said...

Nice photo essay. I wondered about the absence of gloves. Interesting.