Monday, January 11, 2010

Having Rules About Your Box

Sunday was all about boxes. The Derretts are in town. I am one of the luckiest people in the world that I can attend seminars and learn from the best. This past weekend Laura Derrett gave the basic boxwork seminar. I have attended the Derrett box seminars, but it has been a few years. They've been working on the "rules" and have refined them.

I'm all about a "system". I'm comfortable with rules (even when I don't follow them). I don't think one system works for everything or everyone and I believe in taking what makes sense to me and using it. What I like about the "Derrett" system is that the basic concepts make sense to me and work with my handling abilities. Now, whether I can do multiple threadles in a row properly has yet to be seen, but overall the system makes sense.

One of the new refinements of the system is the reinforcement zone. Used to be the reinforcement zone was a half circle in front of the body. I have been teaching Fin to come to my side or my front. Now the reinforcement zone has a narrow focus and is really to your front. I allows a clear distinction of come to this "spot" rather than a fuzzy distinction of come to anywhere in this general area.

Fin is confused. She says, "Whut? Reinforcement zone is pocket on right side, that's where the cookies are, NOT front of mama!"
Not a huge change but a clear distinction. Interestingly, my reinforcement zone communication "gosh you came at me when I did that even if it took a while and I can't believe you even noticed me when all these other wonderful things are out's a cookie" is pretty darn fuzzy. I should totally refine my criteria out there and expect quicker and anticipated results.
Fin likes the old mama. Just happy if she takes a jump. Now I want more. Damn the system!

Overall I learned alot. I had anticipated having fun and getting some good practice in, I didn't expect to get re-energized and excited about training the basics. I've decided to sign up for a series of Laura D's seminars (even though I don't need ANOTHER agility class and my husband is gonna be like WHAT???). It is a series of 5 classes for a total of 10 hours. Should be alot of fun.

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