Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Starts with Creativity

The end of 2010 ended with a trip to Monterey to see the fishes, have a wonderful lunch, and walk in cannery row with mom and husband Kel.  Came home, relaxed, played skipbo and mom enjoyed a movie while I walked then played with the pups.  Dinner was ginger beef (yum) and then another movie. 

Relaxing and not worrying about crowds was priceless!

Woke up and it was 2011.  Who would have thunk it?  For our first day of 2011, my sister showed up and we worked on a project for her wedding.  She waiting a LONG time to find the woman of her dreams, so we are doing special things for the wedding.  Today we worked on cards (a little larger than business cards).  She is going to hang them on a tree and guest will be asked to sign these instead of a guest book.  Hopefully they will also write nice things on them as well (e.g., Trish & Eve, hope your life is full of fun surprises - Mr. & Mrs. John Smith).

 We used stamps, paint, markers, embossing stuff, and our indiviudual creativity.  I think they came out really unique and wonderful.
 For this one, I cut out and embossed the butterflys, then glued them back on the card.
 This one I really like.  Photo doesn't do it justice.  Used a sponge that had yellow and orange on it to color the paper, then used an old dirty stamp to stamp the hint of the butter fly. 
 This one with the humming bird was started as a mistake with the blochy green, but adding to it, I think it turned out really sweet.
 This is the last one I did.  We were cleaning up and I used the dirty sponges to paint a forest scene. 

Had a great time. Thanks Trish for including me in your wedding!


Trish said...

Thank you and Mom for helping! We are going ot have the best wedding ever!!! They really turned out awesome. And it was great having Rocky keep my toes warm while we worked!

Elf said...

Wow, those are beautiful! And such a great idea, too.