Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frosty Mornings with a hint of spring to come

Woke up this morning to a frost covered back yard.  The dogs love them a nice run around the frosty ground.

Regardless of the frost, hints of spring are everywhere.  The sunrise is earlier every day and the bulbs are pushing their greens up and fighting their way to blossoming. 

Poor Rocks was at the vets all day yesterday.  His mouth was really bothering him.  Turns out that after spending $750, our wonderful vet can not find anything wrong except for a bit of gingivitis.  Rocky came home with pain meds so right now he is feeling mighty fine.  We'll see what happens in a few days when he no longer has the meds whether the "feeling fine" continues.  I will admit that he is feeling good enough to be a trouble maker.  So maybe tossing money at the vet fixed the problem.  Time will tell.

I also visited the Dr. today.  My wrist has been killing me since Christmas.  I'll need an MRI to tell them what the problem is, but the Dr. suspects that I have broken it or have an old break that is causing me trouble.  MRI should tell what's up and what the next step is.  In the mean time, I've got to wear this brace that makes it difficult to do stuff.  The good news, is I can't get the brace dishes!  :)  Kel mentioned that I can take the brace off to wash the dishes.  I'm thinking, "not."

No agility tonight as I got back from the Dr.'s so late.  I really was excited about going.  The good news is that I'm getting together with my buds tomorrow for some agility practice.  Can't wait.

Two days down on my vegitarian eatting program.  Five more to go.  So far I'm enjoying everything I'm eatting.  I'm also reducing the calories and I will admit that yesterday I was pretty hungry.  Today, however, I have ended the day quite full.  Seriously Quinoa is filling.
This weekend, practice at Robs on Sat and Fun match on Sunday.  No rain in site!


Celeste said...

"Practice at Robs" sounds great.
"Fun Match" exactly what Riff needs.
"Driving for hours each way"???....NOT
Wishing your wrist well! and Rock's mouth.

Elf said...

Oh--I guess you HAVE tried quinoa. ;-)