Monday, January 3, 2011

Veggie Challenge

Wanna try something new? 

I'm going to go vegetarian for one week starting tomorrow.  Each day I'll post the food I eat.  I am not going vegan, I will eat fish.  In addition, I'm going to stay away from packaged foods like rice mixes, etc.  It is going to be a challenge for me as I like my meat. 

Today I'm going shopping, on my list:

-salad makings
-fresh fruit
-low fat yogurt
-fresh fish
-whole wheat bread

Tomorrow's menu:
-breakfast:  almonds, yogurt, banana
-snack: apple
-lunch: tuna sandwich, grapes
-dinner:  fresh fish, broccoli, salad, brown rice

Wish me luck!

PS:  the dogs will continue to eat meat...just the humans will be trying this new diet.  I wonder how long it will take for my husband to notice.


Patti and DeBoys said...

Good Luck!

Joan Green said...

good luck! I'm with you 100% in spirit. I could pretty easily give up read meat sans an occasional upscale burger.You're a big winner if all you do is cut out the processed foods. PS: my goal -- eat fewer sweets

Trish said...

Your dogs get meat.... I thought they just ate cereal and toes. ok I guess toes are meat but they really don't eat them, they kind of suck on them. so.. that still not meat.... Right?

Elf said...

How about eggs? Have you tried quinoa (KEEN WAH) instead of rice or pasta? Tasty & has more protein I believe.