Thursday, June 7, 2012

Course this week at Morgan Hill Dog Sports

This weeks courses focus on tunnel/A frame discrimination, running fast to weave and tunnel entrances, threadles, and on really hard 270.

This first course relied on a lead out and your ability to get up to 3 sending to 4 to get the correct turn to the weaves.  If you are too far back you had to RC 3 wrap 4 and put the dog in the tunnel.  FC 7 to 8 and run.  

This next one was much fun.  We all handled 1 to 3 the same with a FC from 2-3.  Most serped 4 to 5.  FC 8-9 and then GO!  Dogs really had to take the double on their own so handlers to run up to support 12.  An option would be to RC 11 and RC 12.  Most dogs had no problem independently taking 13 and we changed the ended to do tunnel then weaves as we felt the handlers would kill themselves trying to get down to that weave entrance.

For this next one we all led out to the end of #2 tunnel, called the dogs and sent into the weaves and let the dogs do the weaves while we stood there.  On completing the weaves we ALL rewarded, then started over.  Most go the FC between 5 to 6 to push to the weaves, but many also RC 5-6 and that worked as well.  If you are good at threadles 11-13 not so bad.  If you are like me and hate the threadle, it is tough.  Most had trouble getting the backside of 14 but once there, serp and RC out.

Hope you enjoy these exercises for the week.  Can be built on a 50x 90 field.

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