Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exciting times

Many things are happening.  We've got a fun dog show this weekend.  Yet another USDAA. Fin and I are ready. 

Family comes on 4th of July then a very busy long working weekend getting a fence up around our agility field.

July 13-15 is an event to remember.  I will be CAMPING!  No, not in the forest.  At York school for the SMART USDAA agility trial.  Normally I would drive back and forth, but my husband is having poker night and lord, I will stay away.  Why set up the tent for only one night...so I'm doing both nights.  This will be my first ever night in a tent.  I'm sure it will be interesting.

I've been working on Maddies hair cut.  My goal is to make a smoothie.  We are getting there.  Photos will follow the successful completion.  Right now, well, it is pretty rough.

Tazz is doing well and enjoying life. 

Rocks is super stoked to have received a brand new "orange" ball.  He is sleeping with his ball right now.

Apricotts!  Oh my.  Yummy goodness.  The birds have pretty much eaten all my peaches (I did get a few), but apricotts.  Yum.

My full time job. Busy.  My part time job.  Busy.

That's all folks.

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