Friday, June 15, 2012

Heading to heat...hopefully we'll be hot too!

Off to Woodland California.  106 expected on Saturday. 

I had this idea I would try camping.  I looked at the weather and said, "Laura, I'm staying in the trailer."  Air conditioning here I come.

Traveling with a great group of people and will enjoy the potluck we call lunches and dinner. Looking forward to fun conversation unless we are all so hot we just stare into space and wish for fog.
Fin gets to go while her brothers and sister stay home in a cooler environment.  She say's, "What?  I want cold weather too!"  Ah well.  Off we go.


Celeste said...

have a super trial, youse guys! we'll be thinking of you...

Elf said...

I think that saturday night will be cool enough for camping out. I'm still planning on that.