Monday, June 4, 2012

A fun fun fun trial in Turlock this past weekend.  Loads of great stuff.  One Q in Snooker.  Many things to work on, many more things to be very proud of.

First on Friday had a little issue with my handling from the table to the dogwalk.  I must must must remember that from a stop Fin will come in to me and that I need to hold my position.  However, the opening was a beautiful site.  So many dogs ate it way before the table.  I was really proud of my handling on that opening. 

I did go off course on the tunnel/A discrimination.  Interesting.  I just didn't push that line enough and she elected to take the A frame.  Actually it is a good thing as I've had trouble with her ALWAYS taking the tunnel.  So we are getting better...unfortunately, this time it actually was the tunnel (can't take those for granted any more).

Fins table needs some fine tuning.  I'll let the video tell the tale.

Dinner at the Bistro was AMAZING!  Yum!  Even better, shared the meal with good friends.

My list of what to work for this summer is growing.  So happy to have a hobby that I can continually find areas to improve.  It makes it fun.


Kelly Ely said...

Wow Fin is so fast and drivey! Looks like so much fun (even with the oopses :-)

Kathy said...

You guys look great, lol, ya know how boring would it be if we got this agility stuff down to where it was always perfect? Might be fun to try for a day or two, but.....hahaha.