Monday, July 2, 2012

Agility, questions fill my mind this morning.

There were a ton of "almosts" this weekend.

Last run of the weekend was jumpers.  It was a tough course but looked fun.  I was thinking of scratching but ended up just going for it.  It was a fun amazing run...until Fin drifted and took the backside of the last jump.  I was really too far behind and she looked back and ran toward the cheese.  Almost.

Gamble was almost a fail.  Gamble is not my strong point.  I've gotten them, but my Q rate is not great.  Felt I would go out and work on contacts and not even try the Gamble part.  My friend and I were walking together and she said, "try this."  I thought, "whoa!  that might work."  Ran around getting points then the buzzer sounded and I calmly put her in a sit and boom we were going.  It didn't really go as planned.  My plan was she would turn to the right but she read "rear cross" and turned to the left and I went for it.  Gambol Q Baby!!!

Got the Steeplechase Saturday, but on Sunday she was going around stuff and I started to have doubts as to whether she was going around stuff cause she didn't feel well, or because she just was going around stuff.  It is so freak'n hard to tell.

My volunteer job this weekend was to help with the garbage management.  Not a bad job. Only one really nasty garbage container.  The rest were pretty easy and straight forward. I'd recommend it.

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Elf said...

I was one of the "oohhhhhhhh!" at the end of the jumpers run. Fin does rear crosses so well all through the course, and that was a hard turn there. Really looks nice, though.