Monday, July 16, 2012

A couple of videos

Team jumpers. So much fun.

 Steeplechase Round One! Smoked it.


corbinwooten said...

Great runs! I really like watching you guys.

(Just FYI, I think your videos are swapped--the top is Jumpers and the second is Steeplechase).

Do you mind my asking where Fin is from? She is beautiful and fast!

vici whisner said...

@ corbinwooten: Thanks, fixed it. Fin is HiMarks Holy Mackeral from HiMark Shelties in Florida. I flew out there to get her and have never looked back. Judy is a good person. Fin is out of Jackson/Wish. Jackson is not longer producing offspring, but Judy is breeding some of Fins half sisters/brothers.

Kathy said...

Great runs, so much fun to see you run!