Monday, July 30, 2012

A little bit of magic...

Three of the five runs we Q'd in.  Started out I was thinking Fin didn't feel well.  She showed me.


Grand Prix (the comentary in the background is fab...the scream at the end...well prepare yourself)



Kathy said...

Is this Camarillo? I have not trialed there yet, but it looks nice, was it cooler there? Those were some gorgeous runs, very nice, I always enjoy seeing you and Fin together, seems like you just know each other so well and are happy to run togther, very cool ;-)

corbinwooten said...

Haha you have a great cheering section!

Nice runs. Fin has some great independent weave entries (something that's on our list of "to-dos"!)

Diana said...

Wow, very well done!!!! Congrats!!