Monday, July 9, 2012

No pictures for now

Started my day at 5:30.  Everyone out to potty, breakfast, then a quick neighborhood walk with Fin/Tazz. 

All dogs in kennels by 6:15.  Puppy play and train for 30 minutes.  Got some good tug this morning, tried a little shaping to put feet on the bowl.  Got tons of interest, much leaping straight up in the air, some trying to figure out, stopped before interest was lost.  Tried tugging again, but no interest in tugging.  Wanted more clicker training.  I need lower value treats.

Took her for a short walk in the backyard, a bit of retrieve with the ball for some bursts of exercise as well as circle work.  Then nap time.

7:00am.  Wake husband up and I'm at work.

9:00am Break and a quick training session.  Got some tug and played fetch. 
Notes:  Still looking for chicken from morning clicker session.  Less interested in tug second session.
After the play session, I had a bite for breakfast.  All dogs were loose.  Miss busy never stopped moving.

Now back to work for me, nap time for all the pups.  Busy day ahead.

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Kathy said...

That makes me ready for a nap! Lol :-).