Thursday, July 19, 2012

The letter F

This week in our advanced foundation class, we worked our letters.  Letter F was on the agenda last night.

I highly recommend using Nancy Gyes Alphabet Drills to practice handling exercises.  I love the ideas presented and the clear explanations of handling.  For Wed evening, I set up the letter F and added a tire and table.  Students started with just the leadout of 1-3 and rewarded for that.  We then added 4 and 5 and rewarded for the FC in front of 5.  Lastly we put it all together.

Everyone did such a great job.  These baby dogs are certainly coming along.  So much fun to see both the dogs and the handlers gaining confidence. 


corbinwooten said...

I love Alphabet Drills! It's so nice to use just in the yard since we don't have much equipment. And you're right--easy to understand, too.

Kathy said...

Love alphabet drills it would be so fun to do hat in class!