Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rolling along...and oh, wild Turkey's

Off for a late walk last night with Fin and Olive.  Tried a trail that had been closed for a while and it showed.  Less trail like then I prefer, but we were blazing so no matter.  Got to the creek and both dogs got a little wet and then up a steep bank to the wider trail.

At the top we sorta startled a bunch of turkeys.  Mostly babies but a few hens.  With all the racket I make hiking I have no idea how I could startle anything, but there you are.  Olive decided she was a Turkey hunter extraordinaire.  Fin decided she didn't want anything to do with no freak'n turkeys and could we just go now.  I was with Fin.

The next 5 minutes was Fin and I walking at a good clip and dragging an 11 pound pulling jerking machine.  Finally after the bridge she calmed down and was a good hiker.  About 45 minutes later we passed back by where the Turkeys were and a repeat of the same behavior.  Time for a head halter I think.

In other news, I am headed to a trial this weekend. Not entered in a ton of classes because Little "O" and Piggy Smalls will be together and I want plenty of time to spend tiring them out. Should be a fun weekend. Got a good friend with me and she has plenty of energy. I see a ton of restrained recalls in our future.


corbinwooten said...

Good luck in the trial!

Wish I could have seen Olive and Fin with the turkeys :)

Kathy said...

hahahaha, so much for a relaxing walk, you have to love a terrier!!!! How cool to see wild turkeys, .....well....if you dont have a puppy along I guess! ;-)