Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mmmmmmm...look what the cat drug in....

This is little Roja.  She is visiting for a while.  Could she stay.  Well I'm not promising anthing, but if Tazzie has anything to say, he really likes her.  Ask Fin, and nope, the munchkin is not really wanted.  Hopefully she'll warm up.

Yep.  You are not looking at a Sheltie.  Nope that isn't a BC.  You might be thinking, why that looks like a JRT, and you'd be right. 

Tonight I am exhausted.  We spent the day building fences at our new agility field and I spent time making sure the new little pup would be tired tonight.  Success!!!  She spent a little time wrestling with her new best buddy "Hotshot" learning about border collies and how they hog the ball. 

Back at home she fits in nicely.  Maddie and Fin ignor her (not sure Maddie even knows she is here yet).  Rocky and Tazz are very interested but also very nice.  She is amazingly appropriate with all the dogs.  She is starting to seek me out a bit and that is a start.


Diana said...

Congrats!!! What a cutie!!!

Celeste said...

So cute! How old? Does Roja mean red? I like JRTs! (I think...)
Is the new field near your home? It looks great! Will you have fun matches?

vici whisner said...

@Celeste: Yep it is 15 minutes from my house. Yes we will have a few fun matches. It will be small groups as the parking isn't great, but we can fit probably 20-30 cars.

Roja is red. Her mom named her that. She is startig to look like an Olive to me. So far, except for one fence climbing excapate, she is pretty perfect.

Celeste said...

I like Olive. And 'pretty perfect' is pretty darn good!

Kathy said...

How sweet, what an exciting thing....a totally new breed! That sure does not look like a Sheltie :-)!