Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Road to Colorado does not necessarily have paved roads

Planning a trip to Colorado in September.  Really want to go and want all my buddies to go.  But it can be stressful. 

I am qualified.  Even have a bi for Steeplechase Semi's.  But still need one more Grand Prix.  I have friends who are running amazing, but still need a couple Q's.  The question I keep asking myself is, "am I having fun". 

I remember trying to qualify for the AKC Nationals coming off Fin's injury.  She and I weren't clicking.  I was going to every AKC I could find in the Bay area and everyone I knew was trying.  After a while I quit trying because it just stopped being fun.  Some of it was the disappointment, but I get over that easily.  Most of it was the stress of all the competitors trying to get there and the attitude when the Q's didn't happen.  Normally happy people had frowns on their faces showing clearly how disappointed  they were for not getting that double Q or points needed. 

Now, I'm not having a problem at all in AKC.  I go, have fun and even qualify (imagine that!).

At this point, my run for the gold is still amazingily fun.  I want to keep my attitude that I have everytime I run.  Each run is for the joy of the connection I have and continue to build with my dog.  Yes there is a goal "run in all three events."  But if I don't attain that goal, doesn't mean life isn't good.

As I go into the next trial (in two weeks) I am on a team with a friend hoping for a Q.  In all my heart I hope that we do qualify.  But honestly for me, it is about being on a team and enjoying the company of the girls and dogs I'm playing with.

Maybe the road isn't well paved, but I'm ready for some off road fun!

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Elf said...

It is stressful and crazy getting ready for and going to USDAA Nationals. But I've had a good time every time I've gone except for the time I went with high expectations and we screwed up everything. Did better, certainly felt better, when I went for the fun of it and didn't expect anything except being there.