Monday, July 16, 2012

The camping life

I think I like the camping life.  Borrowing my sisters tent was the best thing I've done in a while.  It is HUGE!  Perfect for the 3 dog family.  During the day Fin and Tazz hung out in a very nice xpen and Olive hung out in her crate. 

It was cold mornings and evenings. So the tent stayed very comfy.  During the day I opened all the windows for air and only needed the fan on Sunday afternoon.

We had tons of fun play sessions and training sessions.  Shelties watched and were very good.  During Clicker sessions Tazz had to go elsewhere as it was just too much to see me feed another dog.  Fin was very good girl and got to watch all the learning happen.

Loads of short quick tug sessions.  Hoping this week to improve the tugging and increase duration reducing some of the distracted behavior.

"They're looking at me!!!"

My views were of other campers.  There were about 50 campers on a baseball field.  I could imagine what it would be like to have more woods around.  I was shocked at how quiet it was after about 10.  People were really good.

Piggy Smalls and Little "O" had great wrestling matches.  He's bigger, but she is older.  We managed the sessions and they had a great time.

Fin has some great runs.  She ran her little heart out and was exhausted by Sunday.  She loved having her private window and watched the kitchen area to see what was up.

Tazz came home with a Snooker AND a Standard.  I get a standard about once every 2 years with him so I'm thrilled.  For the most part he was a very good boy but I could tell that 3 days of all the excitement was getting to him.  He was getting harder to manage on Sunday.  But I know he had a wonderful time camping.

The view out my front door.  We set up some canopies and other tents all facing into the canopies.  This was our shared space where we set out our food.  We had another canopy off to the side that was the kitchen/shower area.  Boy, traveling with experienced campers sure makes a difference.

I broke down a purchased a coat as Olive was chilled in the mornings and evenings.  She rocked the coat like she does everything. 

Overall, I like the camping experience.  Will absolutely do it again. Camping and doing 3 days of agility is exhausting.  I'm tired today, but had a fabulous time.


Celeste said...

Super!! Great to see all the photos, too. :-)

Diana said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Congrats on your Q's too!

Elf said...

Wait, this camping utopia was all taking place at SMART?! See what I miss by going home at night? Sounds perfect.

Kathy said...

Olive looks great in her coat, the camping looks like so much fun!