Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today I'm Relieved...

.... that my little charge is here for 4 months and not 15 years.  She is totally way to intelligent for me.
Last night, lights out at 10pm.  I take her outside for one last potty.  She runs to the side gate wanting to go into the back yard.  I said, "No, go potty, hurry."  (Been working on her NOT climbing the fence and that is far.)  She looks at me, wags her tail and starts to walk along the fence line (I'm thinking...what a great little dog - god I can be so naive).  A tree root had pushed up the wire fence at one point and she looks at it and stops.  Again she looks at me and wags that frigg'n cute tail of hers.  I see what she is looking at and I say, "Ro! Touch" (her really reliable recall...except I guess when freedom is staring her in the face).  Under the fence she goes.  Into the back never never where there are probably skunks and possums and oh yeah...a few raccoons...also the most wonderful smells in the universe (cause you know...the back area smells so much better than the front area).

Oh crap.  I really want to go to bed not go into the back 3rd of the property to find a little white naughty dog.  Back I go.  tracking her to make sure she doesn't get into trouble and waiting for an opportunity to call her so she'll come (don't want to keep calling if I know she isn't coming back).

She does her business, runs around a bit and then I see an opportunity and call and right into my arms she comes.  So happy.  Kisses.  Many kisses.  I carry her back, give her a cookie and to bed we go.

My husband tries to fix the fence but it is late and I tell him to not worry about it.  I'll get it in the morning.

This morning I'm up at 5am because I have conference calls starting at 6am - 12 noon.  Rough morning for all of us.  I walk out with them (my regular routine) and 4 good shelties go about their business.  One very naughty JRT runs DIRECTLY to the dam fence, pops right under and off she goes.

I'm thinking that she stayed up all night thinking about how when I let her out she is going for it.  While I innocently thought we'd have a nice potty, breakfast, and a training session before I get on my marathon of calls.  Silly me.

Fence is now fixed.  I might not be quick, but I eventually get the picture.

Now the question will be raised, "Why isn't she on leash when you take her potty?"  I'll admit.  It has been due to me being lazy.  That little thing is also fixed.  Leash is at the ready and this little girl will be on it.


Celeste said...

Four months??

vici whisner said...

@celeste: She is here for 4 months training and to see whether I can handle another dog with my Tazzmainian devil Tazz. So far it is a hecka job managing everyone and getting all my work done that I need to do...on the other hand, she is the sweetest little dog EVAH! So I am enjoying her and teaching her as much as I can. I'm not worrying about whether she goes or stays until October. :)

Kathy said...

Lol, she sounds like my Lizzie's relative, that just sounds like Lizzie to a T. She could find the tiniest breech in a fence, she has an uncanny ability to see a hole from ten miles away , those type of dogs are truly challenging ESP when other things are going on in life so you only give 98%attention, hahaha