Friday, July 20, 2012

Typical Mornings are eventful

5:30:  Up to potty all the dogs - Olive, of course, is on leash.
5:40: Everyone inside, Olive goes in her crate
5:42:  All shelties line up and in crates for breakfast
5:45: Make Olive breakfast, release from crate, work on: touch, sit, backup, sit stay, crate games, go to pillow, leave it, tug with me
6:00: Go outside, play ball, work on recall to hand.
6:10: Shelties come out I begin poop pick up
6:11: JRT over the fence into the back part of the property running around like a lunatic with a ball in her mouth
6:12: Maddie sees a squirrel and starts barking, I'm out in the back trying to catch a JRT.
6:12.5:  Fin and Tazz are barking at me trying to get the JRT to come (Rocky is my only good dog!)
6:15: Kel bursts out the back door not pleased with all the barking (imagine man in pagama pants waving arms and whispering loud demanding all the barking stop)
6:20:  Everyone is back in the house, I have muddy paw prints all over my pajamas...AGAIN!

At this point if ANYONE asks why Olive is not on a leash when I do poop pickup I might cry. 
I think I'll try this again later.  Maybe with a little less chaos and a leash.

PS:  The good news:  Kel didn't step in any poo as he was running around waving his ams and clapping trying to get Maddies attention.  She might be deaf, gets lost in closets, but when she sees a squirrel, she is 3 again.


Elf said...

And people wonder why I'm not lining up to get myself another puppy!

Kathy said...

Hahaha, sorry do not mean to be mean chuckling but it does bring back memories! Hang in there! Sorry I missed you at the trial, would love to meet you in person, hopefully soon I'll be back to agility, but for now not missing running in the heat :-) it is a good time if a person has to take a break! Love, love love the name Olive sooo much!