Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm learning too!

The Jack Russell life is quite the learning experience.  Going into this I didn't really think puppy raising would be that different from other breeds.  In some ways, that is correct, but in other ways I am having the opportunity to learn so many new things.
  • Did you know that unripened tomatoes look just like an old green tennis ball?  I didn't. 
  • Poo is an opportunity for second breakfast.  Now my yard is sparkly clean.  Essentially the result is that I am out there with the dogs and anyone that goes, it gets cleaned up immediately.  No more yard cleanup procrastination. 
  • All the toys belong to the JRT.  This is a new concept and difficult for Rocky and Fin.  Tazz takes what he wants and Maddie has no clue.  The result is very little Olympics for me :(  I spend my evenings playing individually with dogs that have their nose outta wack cause they didn't get the ball during group play because mom had a really busy day at work and couldn't take time for walks.
  • Did you know that green apples look just like an old green tennis ball?  Nothing like sitting in a chair on an old rotten apple.  Nice one Olive.
  • The hose that has water coming out of it is an evil snake that must be killed.  For 13 years I have turned on the hose to the pool and four very lovely shelties would go over and drink from the hose for a refreshing drink.  Now, I turn on the hose and one little 12 pound white dog grabs it and sprays water everywhere.  I'm considering hiring her out to water peoples gardens.
  • Did you know that the bestest toy in the world is the green tennis ball and if one naughty JRT goes exploring in the backyard and I bounce the tennis ball and get Tazz to play that instantaneously there is a little white JRT right in front of me?  But if I say, try to recall that same JRT without the tennis ball she is deaf?  Interesting.
  • Morning snuggles come BEFORE potty.  Can't go potty without a snuggle.
I am sure that I will learn many more things before I am through.  Right now I am working and she is napping.  She is really cute when she sleeps.


Diana said...

LOL, sounds like fun!!

Kathy said...

Lol, she just sounds like such a character!! You sound like it is busy but your having a blast?? Your post really made me smile!