Monday, August 27, 2012

Butterfly Killer

I have to confess that little Olive is a butterfly killer.  I'm walking along the trail this weekend and my friend says, "On no! Olive." I look down and she is dropping a huge butterfly on the ground.  That quick.  I guess it didn't taste as good as it looked.

Her curiosity doesn't stop there.  Friday evening I'm walking along and she starts shaking her head, I mean really shaking.  I reach down and brush a bee off her face, immediately stomping on it as I have a HUGE aversion to bees near me (I do want you to know that I regularly save bees that have fallen in the was only a gut reaction to a bee that may sting me or Olive).  I pick Olive up and run over to my friend Katrina and say, "I think Olive just got stung, do you have benedryl?"  Katrina is the person you go to for such things.  If she was in prison everyone would go to her for "stuff."  Katrina and I walk to her car (me still carrying Olive) and she gets her "kit."  She looks at Olive and says, "Oh, poor thing, the stinger is still in there."  I look at Olive and sticking out of her nose is a stinger.  OMG!!!  Get it OUT! I'm screaming in my head.  On the outside I'm like, "Oh Katrina, do you think you could get it out."  She pulls tweezers out of her kit and just as soon as you can say, "I can't look," the stinger is out and Katrina is examining Olive to ensure that she is ok.  Not only did she have benedryl, she also had a "pill pocket."  I said, "I don't think Olive will take that" as Katrina gave it to her and she ate it down.  I guess getting stung gives you an appetite.

One last one.

"Little O" and "Piggy Smalls" were having a wrestling match in the xpen under numerous watchful eyes.  Just as the wrestling was getting really fun, Olive leaps from the xpen and grabs a bully from one of the open crates.  Someone goes to grab her and she takes off.  I jump out of my chair and yell, "Someone get a tennis ball!" (I know if I have a tennis ball she is 100% coming to me...without a tennis ball, the chances plummet).  She is running in a wide arc with about 3 people chasing her and me standing there with my mouth open when she takes a left turn toward the rings.  The rings that she is headed toward are currently engaged with dogs running agility (I have visions of her chasing the dogs running in the ring with the bully hanging out of her mouth).  I yell, "O-LIVE!!" and low and behold she turns and heads back to ME!!  She dodges about four people trying to grab her and runs into my arms still holding the bully stick.  I guess her recall is getting better.

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Kathy said...

Omg what a character! What a victory Olive came with such distraction!!! I remember Cricket at that age running full speed toward an agility ring with her breeder watching, a proud moment for us, not but she just turned because she saw another dog rushing for a pool, but she has a fantastic recall now, so gotta say Olive is ahead of where Cricket was :-), sounds like you are doing great. Your description of getting the stinger out is priceless, poor baby getting stung :-(. Glad she's ok!