Saturday, August 18, 2012

The same, but longer.

Me: Fin, you look a little annoyed.  Why is that?
Fin:  She keeps bumping into me and then you make me lay next to her.
Me:  Why, wasn't it just 5 minutes ago that you nearly knocked me over with the sand zoomies trying to play with her.
Fin:  Anything goes with sand zoomies.  It's like crack.  I can't control myself.  I have my mind back now.
Olive: Sand Zoomies!

The same view from yesterday, only a little darker on one side, and we walked a bit longer.

Olive:  Lizard!!!!!
Me:  Olive, stay on the trail.
Olive:  LIZARD!!!!
Me:  Come along now.
Fin:  Do you believe this?

Note to self.  Hiking 3.5 miles tires the human out (especially after an evening with only 5 hours of sleep).  Olive is not tired.  Olive sleeps on the way home and is ready to go again.  Upon waking from a brief rest (ok, I fell asleep in the chair), I found 7 shoes (no not paired) on my bed, a number of socks in the tub???, a soap under the bed, and a pair of underwear in the shower.  The bully was abandoned at my feet.  Four very well behaved shelties were sleeping on the other side of the bedroom door.


Diana said...

LOL, puppies.

Elf said...

What fun, an auto-distribution system that you don't even have to be awake for! I sometimes get up from my desk chair and discover a sea of toys around me, but not quite the interesting variety of material that you had in various places.