Friday, August 17, 2012

OMG we got a sit stay for a moment!

Hike today.  At the top, I asked my two companions to sit.  And they did.  Yeah!  Tazz and Olive had a very nice walk.  Up, up, up, then down, down, down.  Horses tied to a post might have caused a mild meltdown, but it was shortlived.  I had a lovely walk with only a few people on the trail...just the way I like it.

Tazz is an exceptional hiker, unless we run into someone.  Then he needs management.  But he is a good mentor to hiking style.  Olive is learning to just walk along.  No blind crossing, no banging into the other dogs, no pulling the mama into the poison oak, no getting all wrapped up in the other dogs leash, and YES!! it is fun to hike.  

A tired Olive.  She is patiently waiting to get into her crate for a nice nap on the way home. 

Shes been here six weeks tomorrow.  She is around 13 inches and 12 pounds.  I don't know much about JRT size, but she is pretty perfect to me.  Tazz almost feels big next to her (of course he does have a bit more hair.

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