Sunday, August 19, 2012

A lazy Sunday

Home late last night.  Up at 5:46 to take pups potty.  Shelties go in crates for breakfast and Olive gets some breakfast and training.  7:00am  Olive morning snuggles. 7:15 Olive in crate for a nap and Shelties free. 

At this point I was thinking of changing and going for a walk.  I looked at my bed and it was very inviting so I snuggled under the covers.  Next thing I knew it was 10:30!!!  I NEVER sleep this late.  OMG I leaped out of bed yelling, "It's 10:30, it's 10:30."  My husband crawls out of bed and says, "what is wrong with you, you scared me."  I'm like, "It is 10:30.  Most of the day is gone and I have loads to do today!"  He's like, "Oh Jeez Vici, take a chill pill."

So I got up and spent some time with poor little Olive, who didn't seemed fazed by the extra sleep.  Went to the pet store and grocery, came home and am cleaning.  Olive has gotten a few training moments, but mostly she's been here in my office while I clean bringing me her ball to toss out my office door. 

Shelties are napping and enjoying life.  Kel went for some exercise and is in his bark-o-lounger with Tazz in his lap.  The weather is really nice.  I think I'll take a walk later today and enjoy this relaxing day.

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