Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update

I love SMART trials. This year found us back at Manzanita Park in Prunedale for the lovely fog and ocean breezes.  85+ at home, 60 in Prunedale.  Very cool weather!

It was a small trial so I didn't get a chance to take many hikes.  Always seemed to be doing something or other.  Sat we had some really great runs.  Got the gamble but ran out of time :( Standard, close but no bananas.  Fin crashed a jump in Standard and then was fearful of the spreads the rest of the weekend.  Poor thing.  But Sunday, she blasted through her courses like a freight train coming home with two first places!

Sunday Gamble

Sunday gamble was a good one.  I executed it as planned and felt so great as she jumped that last jump and knew we had it in the bag!


In the opening, she started to go around the double and I moved out of position and she redirected over the double...but...that put me way behind.  Finnie made up for herself by getting out and doing that tire.  Good Girl!  The rest of the run was me just trying to keep up.

Grand Prix

I had high hopes for GP, but I faded away too quickly after 3 and just pulled her off of #4.  Couple other mistakes, but some really nice stuff as well.

Things we will be working on this week before the regionals are:
  • Contacts:  still getting a running contact when she is super excited.  Need to go the extra mile to proof them.
  • Spreads:  Fin has spreads in her future.  All week we will be working on spreads.  Spreads...more spreads
Things that were super extra perfect this week:
  • Weaves!!! OMG she hit EVERY weave entry I tossed at her.  There were some really tough ones.
Overall.  Fun weekend with friends.  Close enough to drive home?  Perfect.


Elf said...

When I saw you run, you and Fin both looked like you were having a blast. And you always have such a much better attitude about things going wrong than I do. You are, as always, an inspiration.

corbinwooten said...

Great weekend! Nice job to you both.

I love Fin's independence. And you're right--her weave entries were great!

Do you mind my asking where Fin is from? She looks like so much fun :)

vici whisner said...

Fin is a HiMark dog. I've got the link for her website to the right of the blog. If you ever have questions, you can always email me direct at viciwhiz at charter dot net.

Kathy said...

That dw contact on standard looked great and the weave entrance, wow, how terrific was that? Great runs and pruned ale looks way cool, the temps sound awesome- I will have to remember that for next year!