Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Bayteam Western Regionals!  Four days!!!!

Start out on Friday with some warm up pairs, GP, and Steeplechase.  Last opportunity for those of us looking for that bi into Sundays Finals.

Five rings on Sat.  Five courses to walk in the morning.  Five courses to run throughout the day.  Team Standard, Team Gamble, Team Snooker, Team Jumpers, and then last but not least, the all important Steeplechase round one (I already got a bi for nationals, so it is very good practice).  We end the day in one ring for Team Relay.  Wish us luck!!  Walk at 8:15.  Eight minutes per ring, then move to the next.  Once all the walking is completed, we start to run. 241 dogs, 168 humans - all trying to do the best they can for their team.  There will be cheering, there will be moaning, there will be WooHooing!, and of course, I'm sure someone will need a hug.

Excitement!  Yes there will be much of that. 

Sunday - Steeplechase Finals!!  That will be fun to run and watch.
Monday - GP Finals!  So much excitement in a short space of time!

I'll be there, what about you?

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Elf said...

I was there just to try to finish Tika's PDCH-Gold--which we did! And worked a couple half rotations, then went home and was done! So nice to just get up early one morning, leave in time for a nice leisurely lunch with my sister, avoid the Red Barn traffic coming home, and have the WHOLE WEEKEND for other stuff!

Hope it is all going swimmingly for you.