Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wow! What a Fabulous Weekend!

Ride em' cowgirl!  We had a rip roaring time at the first ever Western Regional!  The show committee did an amazing job!  I was vendor coordinator and we had 13 vendors!!!

This was the view from our front porch all weekend!  Some fog in the morning, fog in the evening.  Sun all afternoon.

Tent city to our left, tent city to our right!

We all got into the western style and we even had a rodeo clown show up on Sunday!!  He and his dog Paxton got their ADCH!!

After much romping around Olive found  resting on the blanket that was covering the cooler a good spot.  Who knows what motivates this girl to do some of the things she does.  No sheltie would ever sleep on a cooler.  Give em' a chair and they are happy.

There was much wrangling of naughty JRT's and Pig E Smalls is the one to wrangle that cute little outlaw!
Fins team did really well.  4th place in Gamble and Fin had a couple of very high individual placements in team.  Unfortunately we didn't do great in the tourney classes and for GP we'll be in round 1 going into USDAA Nationals. 
Fin doesn't care.  She had a GREAT time!

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