Friday, September 14, 2012

The 5th Element

I love the fifth element.  I almost called Olive Leeloo or Milla considering she was #5 in this household.  Tickle was also a name considered for her.  But she truly is our little "Olive the other reindeer."  Officially now, Olive Whisner (one of the Whiz kids).

Yes, that is correct.  Despite the fact that she is here for training and supposed to go back, despite the fact that I have another 2 months to go.  I adore her.  My husband thinks she is funny any loves her snuggles (I've made sure the keep all the naughty hidden from him!).

Today I asked Alison from Kimberlight if I could keep her (hoping beyond hope that she would be happy that Olive would stay with me).  "Yes," she said.  She wasn't going to let this special girl go to just any home, but she thinks that right here in Morgan Hill is the right place for Olive.

I think everyone knew but me.  Olive, love ya babe!


Celeste said...


Diana said...

Aww, what a cutie. Congrats!

Elf said...

Congratulations Olive on the acquisition of your new family! How exciting! Can I put her on the Bay Team site now? :-)

Jen said...

Congrats Olive and family!
From your jrt dad Bam.