Friday, September 21, 2012

Find It! Games to tire out a JRT Puppy....

I play find it games with my dogs.  Fin is a champion find it.  Rocky is also really good and enjoys the game, but once Fin learned this game, she ruled it.

Olives first time on Find-it was impressive.  Her ability to stay focused on the find is amazing.  The second video shows her keeping up the search for almost 2 minutes.  For a novice search, that shows that she is really good at this.  I am looking forward to doing some nosework with her.

When I toss the ball, I hide Olives line of sight so she doesn't see where the ball goes.  This is all by scent.  Watch her tail.  Shows she is loving this game.


Diana said...

I like the "little bunny fufu" hops Olive does. Very cute!!

corbinwooten said...

I agree w/Diana--she's so bouncy it's cute!