Thursday, September 13, 2012


Oh how I hate barking.  One or two barks, A-OK.  Alerting me to evil, Righty-O.  Randomly barking at something and not shutting!

How could I miss in the description of JRT that they bark.  I don't think I've ever seen a JRT bark.  That streak is over.

Maddie:  As a youngster, quite the barker.  UPS, garbage men, and evil cats would get her going.  Now a days, the only time she truly barks is when she smells a squirrel.  Then she is relentless.  Loss of hearing and a bit of confusion has caused most of her barking to a minimum.  But when she is the trail of a squirrel, relentless barking!

Rocky:  Never been a big barker.  Barks at the pool when solar kicks in, barks at the pool sweep, barks at strangers (even when he sees them every week), and barks at things passing the front door. He will also bark at me when I'm getting dressed or putting shoes on.  But his barking is minimal.

Tazz:  Barks only when the other dogs are barking.  The quietest dog I have.  His silence hides the inner turd.

Fin:  Barks at the other dogs barking at something.  Alert barks when she is scared.  Barks when I walk from the kitchen to my office.  Barks when I walk from my office to the kitchen.  Barks when Kel turns out the lights, Barks when I let the dogs outside.  Barks when I put my hand on the door to the garage.  Barks at me when I put my shoes on.  Barks at me when I am getting ready to feed her.  Have I missed anything.  Possibly the worst barker I've ever had.

Olive:  pretty quiet.  Doesn't bark at the other dogs barking - nice.  Alert barks to perceived danger (last night the bush was evil...that got a ton of barking).  What Olive does bark at is her toys:
  • She wants a toy that is out of reach.  Barks.
  • The toy is in her bed and she barks at it.
  • She hides her toy and then lays there barking at it.
  • She buries her toy and stands and barks at it.
  • She rolls on her toys and barks
Since the dogs bark at different things, it seems there is always barking going on.  It has gotten that when it is quiet, I wonder what is wrong.


Kelly Ely said...

Lots of laughing going on here! I feel your pain! I was just thinking that Surf's barking has gotten worse...Most paps in his line all barked terribly on course but not any where else. Not him, not a peep on course but....try to change my clothes or put on sneakers! Now he has started barking at me on course also! Great now I get it at home and on course sigh. THere has got to be a way to 'take it down a notch' I just haven't figured it out yet!

Catalina said...

Ha ha! Ah, barking it's so not fun, but sometimes funny :P My house has gone from zero barking to full time barking all the time - funny what adding a puppy to the house will do!

Elf said...

Funny descriptions! So true what different dogs find worth saying something about. Tika is by far the barkingest dog I've ever had, but it's not nonstop. The husky I used to have was the least barky dog I ever had--so little that when she barked I didn't recognize it as being my dog. I can remember only twice in the 17 years we had her when she barked. Talked at us, though, "wooWoooowooowoowoo!" Thanks for bringing back those memories.