Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fin told me a secret..

....she said, "Olive is a naughty dog and I am a good dog."  Can't argue there!

We all have many stories to tell.  Honestly, life can be very interesting and funny. 

Olive has at the same time both complicated my life and brought it humor in the most unlikely places.  I seriously doubt that my other dogs feel the same way I do, but alas, I've fallen head over heels.

It has been five years since I had a puppy.  If I were honest, I haven't really had a complicated puppy in more than 8 years and I seriously can't remember how difficult it was with Tazz.  Fin just wasn't that difficult.  She was easy around the house and fun to train. 

Olive on the other hand, well lets just say, she is a handful.  Some Olive moments:
  • Tomato zoomies!!!! Olive no longer climbs the xpen fencing.  She now clears it with inches to spare.  She will jump the fence, run to the back, grab an unripe grape tomato off the vine, and then, with the tomato in her mouth run around having zoomies.  I don't bother with trying to call her.  She's not coming when in the throws of the tomato zoomies.
  • The toy will be mine!  I do put Olives toys up.  They must be put up high enough so that she can't get to them, or my putting them up is just a new physical activity that she will find fun.  Lately I put her new "sock" toy on my dresser.  I will walk into my bedroom and find Olive sitting like a statue staring at the toy that is on the dresser top.  Often the staring involves loud barking.    Maybe talking at the toy will bring it closer.
  • Dog bed back rubs!  I work from home.  Sometimes I need to let Olive have some free time in my office.  I put a gate up and the older dogs sit or lay staring into my office.  Olive basically is bouncing off the walls, free and enjoying herself.  She will gather all her toys, plus many things that are not hers and place them all in the dog bed.  Then she will jump in the bed and roll on top of the entire pile of toys, shoes, diet coke bottles, paper, socks, etc.  She will do this for a very long period of time.  Every once in a while she will stop and just bark at the bed.  Usually these barking fits are timed perfectly when I'm on a conference call.
  • Morning cuddles!  Olive sleeps in a crate at night.  In the morning everyone goes outside to potty and the older dogs go into their crates so Olive can have some free time.  Most mornings we'll get back in bed and allow her to give us morning cuddles.  Kel said to me this morning, "Vici, this is really endearing.  She is so cute when she rolls on her back and rubs all over us.  She must really love us."  I replied, "I would be much more impressed if I didn't see her act exactly this same way when she rolls in cat poo."
  • Bug hunter!  At night I take Olive out just before I go to bed.  She is so sleepy that sometimes it is hard to get her out of her crate for her evening ritual.  Often, I carry her from the crate to the grass.  Once on the grass, Olive is immediately awake and chasing bugs.  Even on leash it can take 10 minutes to get her focus enough to go potty.  Can't wait till it starts raining.  That's going to be fun times.

We've now had this little entergizer JRT for going on 10 weeks.  I can't believe how time is flying by.  She will soon be 7 months old.  Sometimes she is very focused....and sometimes she is not.  In all cases, she is hysterical. 


corbinwooten said...

I love Olive stories! Keep 'em coming!

Kelly Ely said...

The tomato zoomies sounds like her inner flyball spirit is channeling! LOL